Essay – Structure of a complete Essay

An essay is an article that aims to present personal views on many issues in life, and also on academic, ideal, political, and cultural issues. According to John Locke: “Essay is an article made based on the personal opinion of the author. Essays can take many forms, including: critiques, political manifestos, references, scholarly debates, daily life observations, author’s own memoirs fake…”

Through the essay, you write and present your own opinions through which the reader can know the information as well as your level of understanding on that issue, how to think, and argue to defend your decision. own school or how to solve the problem posed in the problem or topic mentioned in the essay.

1. Some popular essay types

  • Argumentative essay: Argumentative essay
  • Descriptive essay: Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay: Narrative essay
  • Photo essay: Essay with pictures
  • Autobiographical essay: Autobiographical essay
  • Persuasive essay: Persuasive essay

2. The structure of an essay

The general structure of the essay will include 3 parts:

  • Introductory paragraph: An introductory paragraph that introduces the thesis or main idea of ​​the essay. It sets the stage for the discussions in the body of the essay without introducing the points of contention.
  • Middle paragraphs: The middle paragraphs, support the thesis and convince the reader of its validity. Each paragraph should make a point and be logically linked.
  • Concluding paragraph: The concluding paragraph restores the thesis and sets the topics of the argument presented in the essay. It does not introduce new points and leaves the reader with a sense of accomplishment.

3. Steps to write an effective essay

You may be used to thinking of essays as documents, articles, but perhaps it is more helpful to think of essays as a process. This process is closely linked to learning. It is a process of taking information from lectures, tutorials, scientific studies, references, electronic media, etc. and turning this information into one’s own knowledge and then imparting it to others. readers through the essay. These steps are built on thoughtful, careful thought, including: analyzing the summary of the topic (essay question) and gathering the material (through reading and research) all the way to the presentation. Accurate, coherent, logically organized, convincing arguments in the essay.

  • Step 1: Summary analysis
  • Step 2: Build essay thesis statement
  • Step 3: Collect data
  • Step 4: Organize data and ideas, review essay points
  • Step 5: Write middle paragraphs
  • Step 6: Write introduction and conclusion
  • Step 7: Edit and proofread your essay

With the above steps, I  wish you success in conquering IELTS 8.0!

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