ielts writing task 1 general

  • General Writing Sample Task 1 #71 – Applying for a job

    You have seen an advertisement for a community college that needs teachers for night classes.

    Write a letter to the community college. In your letter:

      • say which advertisement you are answering
      • describe which course(s) you want to teach, and what it/they would be about
      • explain why you would be a suitable teacher

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  • General Writing Sample Task 1 #72 – Complaint letter

    Last Wednesday you flew from London to Vancouver. When you arrived home, you discovered that you had left your hand luggage on the plane..

    Write a letter to the airline. In your letter, you should explain::

      • where and when you lost your bag
      • what your bag looks like
      • what its contents were

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  • General Writing Sample Task 1 #73 – Complaint letter

    You are a student at a language school in New Zealand studying Business English. Part of the course is a summer work placement programme. Unfortunately, you have just learnt from the school that this programme has now been cancelled.

    Write a letter to the School Principal. In your letter:

      • state your reason for writing
      • describe the problem and your concerns
      • explain what you would like the Principal to do.

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  • General Writing Sample Task 1 #74 – Visiting a friend

    You arranged to visit a friend in Canada but an important event at home now means that you must change the dates of the visit.

    Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

      • explain the important event
      • apologise for the situation
      • suggest a new arrangement

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  • General Writing Sample Task 1 #75 – Saving a public park

    There is a public park near where you live. You have heard that the local council wants to sell this park.

    Write a letter to a local newspaper. In your letter:

      • introduce yourself
      • describe the importance of the park
      • say what action you will take if the council continues with its plan

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