IELTS Essay Evaluation

Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say that this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IELTS Essay Evaluation: Personal Information – Married Or Single.

Sample Answer evaluation

While recruiting for a job, many recruiters employers (avoid repeating the word ‘recruit‘.) ask the applicants for personal information such as personal (unnecessary + repetition) interests, hobbies, and relationship status. Although some people argue that such information is entirely irrelevant to the company as it has no direct relation with the work output, others believe that it can be useful to judge the personality and responsibilities of an individual. I favor the latter view.

Hobbies and interests reveal the true identity of an individual. If a person is involved in sports activities such as football or cricket, it means he is physically active and energetic. Such individuals often have a sharp response to the office work and are able to complete their tasks in time. Moreover, knowing the marital status of the job applicants helps the company to judge the family responsibilities on them, which enables them to predict helps in predicting (pronoun usage. One pronoun can refer to one noun only. Avoid the former pronoun to prevent confusion.) their availability for over-time or work-emergency situations. Many startups hire people who are willing to work extra-time and can attend calls after their work-time. So, they prefer recruiting people who are single.

On the other hand, some people think that this personal information is of no use. Interests and hobbies have no impact on the performance of an individual. If an employee is interested in arts and another employee likes playing cricket, you cannot judge their work-passion on the basic basis of the type of their hobbies hobby. Additionally, applicants with marital status as single do not ensure his extra-time availability as he can have a busy daily routine may not devote extra time to the company as he may be more interested in pursuing his hobbies than spending time with clients. A single individual could may have daily hangout plans with his friends, while a married person can have more time as he stays home most of the time. Thus, relationship status is not a criterion for such judgments.

To recapitulate, I believe while personal information is not an efficient criteria criterion for work performance, it can help an employer help the employer to get some useful insights into the personality traits of an individual.

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