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IELTS General Reading Test 8 – with Answers

IELTS General Reading Tests


Read the information below and answer the questions 1-7


ONLINE tutors are excellent EFL/ESL teachers from around the world! They can be your private English tutor right on your computer! To send an email message to an Online tutor, just click on the name and write a short message to introduce yourself!

A. Astrid Manyana (F 46) Chile

Special offer for Spanish Speakers: bilingual teaching of English grammar and explanations in Spanish. 25 years’ experience teaching all levels from age 15 to 55. Basics, oral, written, specific interests[e.g.: tourism] and preparation for Cambridge and IELTS exams . I can make speaking English easy for you!

B. John Bennet-Smith (M 27) CANADA

I have been teaching English conversation as a volunteer in a language centre in my city for about one year I have been using e-mail , ICQ and Net Meeting to teach grammar , composition and conversation over the internet to about 20 or so students for about the same length of time. I am willing to teach free of charge privately or to groups , to teach those language skills which are of interest to a particular student classroom materials .

C. Pamela Arrow smith (F 56) Australia

I have thought English for over 30 years, and have developed a range of classroom material. I offer tutoring assistance in all areas of English, with an emphasis on business writing for EFL adults, either individuals or groups [maximum of four adults] and these can include English classes if desired.

D. Jean-pierreJoyal(M 22)France

I really like to create new kinds of teaching materials and I usually create my own activities instead of using the same kind of exercises and text we all are used to. Let’s try that in our classes – it will be fun! I have a BA and a certificate in teaching English as a secondary language and I have been teaching all levels of ESL students for more than 3 years .I offer a complimentary assessment of your skill level.

E. Naoe  Nagayo (F 36) Japan

I have thought English as a foreign language for 6 years. I have TEFL certificate from thew USA and a MA in applied Linguistic from the University of Birmingham, UK .My students range from pre-schoolers to adults. With my experience and knowledge, I can help you to target your learning difficulties and improve your English ability!


Look at the description of online tutors (A-E). Write the appropriate letter A-E for each space.  Which tutorial would you choose…….?

Example: – …….if your first language was Spanish?

Answer: – A

1.  …to teach young children?

2.  …to improve English for your business?

3.  ….if you didn’t have much money?

4. …if you were bored with the usual language learning exercises?

5. …to do exam preparation?

Questions 6 and 7

Choose two appropriate letters, A-E, for answers 6 and 7.
Write two letters in boxes 6 and 7 on your answer sheet.

Which two descriptions mentions…..

6. …language teaching qualifications?

7. ….more than 10 years’ teaching experience?

Read the information about recycling and answer questions 8-14.


No waste is a goal and a process that involves individuals, communities, business and all levels of government. It leads to future where trash is a thing of the past. Solid waste isn’t hidden or buried in landfills but fully utilised as the valuable resource that it is. Through redesign, reduction, reuse repair, recycling, composting and changes in the attitude, we aim to create opportunity and wealth instead of garbage.

RECYCLING – Inside your blue box

Every second week: Put garbage and recyclables out before 8 AM on collection day.

Household Plastic containers
Includes milk jugs, yogurt containers, detergent bottles. Excludes containers made of foam, plastic containers which held ammonia-based products, or metal bottle lids. Rinse to remove food or residue. Leave labels on, flatten or stack plastic containers to reduce space required.

Glass containers
Leave labels on Rinse. Discard caps.
No other types of glass such as kitchenware, drinking glasses, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors or any broken glass.


Food and beverage containers
Cans – rinse and remove labels, flatten and fold together.
Foil trays – rinse, flatten and fold together.
No metal pots, take out container lids, cigarette wrappings.

Beside your blue box


Household paper – junk mail, envelopes, brochures, paper bags, egg cartons (fibre only); box packaging such as cereal, shoe boxes, paper towel cores, white and coloured office paper, telephone books.
Remove liners, flatten packaging and place inside the bag.
Mo drinking boxes, paper towels or waxed paper.


Newspapers, inserts, sales flyers, magazines, and catalogs. Remove magazine covers, perfumed inserts. Ho books or soiled newspapers.

Race clean textiles in a separate plastic shopping bag tied with string.

Packing boxes, liquor boxes.
Flatten bundles and tie – no larger than 30 x 30 x 8. Place beside the blue box. No waxed or coated boxes, soiled pizza boxes.


Choose ONE item only from the list below to go in each recycling container.

8.  in the blue box

9.  in the yellow bag

10.  in the blue bag


Telephone book

ceramic cup

old textbook

Old clothing

heavy cardboard

aluminium drink

wed pizza delivery box


light bulb

packing box

Questions 11-14

Look at the following statements.


YES – if the answer is ‘yes’

NO – if the answer is ‘no’

NOT GIVEN – if there is no information about this in the passage

11. Do I put out items for recycling every other week?

12.  Should I remove labels from food cans?

13.  Can I recycle a broken window?

14.  Is there a separate collection for large household items?


The text on the next page has seven sections, A – G.

Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of headings below.

Write the correct number, i – x, in boxes 15 – 21 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings

i. How can reflection problems be avoided?

ii. How long should I work without a break?

iii. What if I experience any problems?

iv. When is the best time to do filing chores?

v. What makes a good seat?

vi. What are the common health problems?

vii. What is the best kind of lighting to have?

viii. What are the roles of management and workers?

ix. Why does a VDU create eye fatigue?

X. Where should I place the documents?

15. Section A

16. Section B

17. Section C

18. Section D

19. Section E

20. Section F

21. Section G

Beneficial work Practices for the keyboard operator

A. Sensible work practices are an important factor in the prevention of muscular fatigue, discomfort or pain in the arms, neck, hands or back, or eye strain which can be associated with constant or regular work at a keyboard and visual display unit (VDU).

B. It is vital that the employer pays attention to the physical setting such as workplace design, the office environment, and placement of monitors as well as the organisation of the work and individual work habits. Operators must be able to recognise work-related health problems and be given the opportunity to participate in the management of these. Operators should take note of and follow the preventive measures outlined below.

C. The typist must be comfortably accommodated in a chair that is adjustable for height with a back rest that is also easily adjustable both for angle and height. The back rest and sitting ledge (with a curved edge) should preferably be cloth-covered to avoid excessive perspiration

D. When the keyboard operator is working from a paper file or manuscript, it should be at the same distance from the eyes as the screen. The most convenient position can be found by using some sort of holder. Individual arrangement will vary according to whether the operator spends more time looking at the VDU or the paper – whichever the eyes are focused on for the majority of time should be put directly in front of the operator.

E. While keying, it is advisable to have frequent but short pauses of around thirty to sixty seconds to proofread. When doing this, relax your hands. After you have been keying for sixty minutes, you should have a ten minute change of activity. During this spell it is important that you do not remain seated but stand up or walk around. This period could be profitably used to do filing or collect and deliver documents.

F. Generally, the best position for a VDU is at right angles to the window. If this is not possible then glare from the window can be controlled by blinds, curtains or movable screens. Keep the face of the VDU vertical to avoid glare from overhead lighting.

G. Unsatisfactory work practices or working conditions may result in aches or pain. Symptoms should be reported to your supervisor early on so that the cause of the trouble can be corrected and the operator should seek medical attention.

Read the texts below and answer Questions 22 – 28

Workplace Dismissals

Before the dismissal

If an employer wants to dismiss an employee, there is a process to be followed. Instances of minor misconduct and poor performance must first be addressed through some preliminary steps

Firstly, you should be given an improvement note. This will explain the problem, outline any necessary changes and offer some assistance in correcting the situation. Then, if your employer does not think your performance has improved, you may be given a written warning. The last step is called a final written warning which will inform you that you will be dismissed unless there are improvements in performance. If there is no improvement, your employer can begin the dismissal procedure.

The dismissal procedure begins with a letter from the employer setting out the charges made against the employee. The employee will be invited to a meeting to discuss these accusations. If the employee denies the charges, he is given the opportunity to appear at a formal appeal hearing in front of a different manager. After this, a decision is made as to whether the employee will be let go or not.


Of the various types of dismissal, a fair dismissal is the best kind if an employer wants an employee out of the workplace. A fair dismissal is legally and contractually strong and it means all the necessary procedures have been correctly followed. In cases where an employee’s misconduct has been very serious, however, an employer may not have to follow all of these procedures. If the employer can prove that the employee’s behaviour was illegal, dangerous or severely wrong. The employee can be dismissed immediately a procedure known as summary dismissal.

Sometimes a dismissal is not considered to have taken place fairly. One of these types is wrongful dismissal and involves a breach of contract by the employer. This could involve dismissing an employee without notice or without following proper disciplinary and dismissal procedures. Another type, unfair dismissal, is when an employee is sacked without good cause.

There is another kind of dismissal, known as constructive dismissal, which is slightly peculiar because the employee is not actually openly dismissed by the employer. In this case the employee is forced into resigning by an employer who tries to make significant changes to the original contract. This could mean an employee might have to work night shifts after originally signing on for day work, or he could be made to work in dangerous conditions.

Questions 22 – 23

Complete the text below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer. Write your answers in the spaces given for questions 22 – 23.

22. If an employee receives a……………., this means he will lose his job if his work does not get better.

23. If an employee does not accept the reasons for his dismissal, a…………………….can be arranged.

Questions 24 – 28

Look at the following descriptions (Questions 24 – 28) and the list of terms in the box below. Match each description with the correct term A – E.

Write the appropriate letter A – E in the given spaces for questions 24 – 28.

24. An employee is asked to leave work straight away because he has done something really bad………………….

25. An employee is pressured to leave his job unless he accepts conditions that are very different from those agreed to in the beginning………………………..

26. An employer gets rid of an employee without keeping to conditions in the contract…………………..

27. The reason for an employee’s dismissal is not considered good enough………………….

28. The reasons for an employee’s dismissal are acceptable by law and the terms of the employment contract………………………

A. Fair dismissal

B. Summary dismissal

C. Unfair dismissal

D. Wrongful dismissal

E. Constructive dismissal


 Read the text below and answer Questions 29-35.

Working at One of the World’s Best Restaurants

Catch-up with our intrepid Food Traveller as he spans the globe looking for the best restaurant kitchens

A. They say only a fool makes the same mistake twice. Well, consider me a fool. Five months ago, towards the start of my foodish adventure, I thought it wise to stay up eating and drinking wine with some chefs following my stint at Parsley Restaurant, in Stockholm, Sweden. The result? A missed flight to Los Angeles and a hefty chunk was taken from the ‘naughty fund’, which is some money I set aside before my travels for such eventualities.

B. So why then, after completing my 26th restaurant job at Torreo, in Paraguay, did I think it wise to attend the opening of the sous chef’s bar, The Garden, the night before my 6:30 a.m. flight to Buenos Aires? You can guess probably what happened next. With the ‘naughty fund’ now well and truly depleted, I found myself trying to charm the airline sales team to transfer my ticket to a later flight. I’m not sure how I managed it, but to my great surprise, they did so at no extra cost. The only downside: I had to wait four hours before I could check-in.

C. I. subsequently, did what every normal tired, slightly hungover chap would do: wrapped a towel around my head, found the nearest corner, and tried to sleep on the marble floor. I’m sure this would have worked out beautifully if it wasn’t for the fact I was a great source of amusement for everyone in the departures terminal. Every few minutes I was woken by the sound of an iPhone camera snapping away at the towel-headed gringo’. If I ever appear on one of those’ BuzzFeed lists, I will only have myself to blame.

D. But enough foolish boy and back to Foodish Boy. This whole situation arose after finishing a fantastic week inside one of Paraguay’s best restaurants, Torreo, currently ranked 26 in Latin America’s Top 50 restaurants by one British survey and 23 in an American publication. Their food, like many top restaurants in South America, employs heavy use of French techniques with a good helping of European influence. Despite this, head chef Marisol Binelli, one of the few females on the Top 50 list, maintains a distinct identity of Paraguay, with original dishes that highlight the best Paraguayan produce from across the country. Binelli spares no expense in traveling the country meeting producers and tasting the landscapes of her vast and varied homeland. She even presents all diners with a map to illustrate where she sources each of her ingredients.

E. The prawn course, for example, originates from the Puerto Padre, the algae from Tierra del Hielo, and the peanuts from Cordova. In addition, seasonality heavily shapes the menu. I was fortunate enough to experience a menu change midway through my time at Torreo. The days before this, the kitchen had been a calm and relaxed environment with the chefs pausing between orders to teach me about their dishes. Then came Thursday and the new menu. The chefs and staff had just one afternoon to learn the new dishes and prepare for the evening dinner rush. The laughs and smiles stopped for a bit, as each chef became highly focused. I, in contrast, glowed with delight, as the new menu meant one thing: more tasters!

F. Like most of my restaurant experiences, I worked mainly in the pastry section. I think this happens, for I can do a limited amount of damage in this area, both to myself and the others around me. But I sometimes wonder if my personality encourages chefs to instruct me to play around with pretty sugary things. In contrast to myself, the blokes running the grill section wouldn’t look out-of-place on the Puma’s front row.

G. Working in the pastry section, however, gave me the privilege of working alongside one of the best pastry chefs I’ve met to date, Miranda. She is so talented that she even has a dish named after her on the menu, featuring an absolutely delicious sweet potato jam ice cream. But the real star of the show was her textures of lemon and lime – perhaps the tastiest dessert of my trip so far.

H. At the end of my week in the Torreo kitchen, I leaped out of the kitchen a rather jubilant man. This may well have been in part due to the copious amounts of sugar ingested from eating a bunch of Miranda’s desserts, though I believe it was more the realization that I had completed my 26th job and was now officially halfway through my project. I was in the mood to celebrate. Did someone mention a wine bar opening?

Questions 29-35

The text has eight paragraphs, A-H. Which paragraph contains the following information?

Write the correct letter, A-H, in boxes 29-35 on your answer sheet.

29. Explores the writer’s experience in preparing desserts.

30. References how the head chef finds the ingredients for her restaurant’s dishes.

31. Introduces the idea how the writer manages his financial resources.

32. Mentions how the time of year influences the restaurant’s offerings.

33. Infers how the writer made the same mistake twice in managing his time.

34. Describes how the blogger spent his time waiting for his flight at the airport.

35. Suggests how the blogger’s disposition shapes where he works in a restaurant.

Questions 36-40

Complete the summary below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 36-40 on your answer sheet.

The food writer spans the globe as part of a culinary 36……………….to find the best restaurants in the world. He has traveled throughout six continents looking for the best of the best. His decadent experience in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, had, as a result, a(n) 37……………. to the United States.

The blogger’s personality leads him to often work in 38……………….section of most restaurants. In the establishment in Paraguay, the chef there was so talented that she had a dish 39……………………..her on the menu. The writer also admired the focus and discipline of the chefs in preparing food, despite constant menu changes. The sweet 40………………..jam ice cream was one of his favorite desserts.

Thanks for visiting our Reading Test. Answers are below

IELTS Reading practice 8 - Answers


1. E

2. C

3. B

4. D

5. A

6. D, E (in either order, both required for 1 mark)

7. A, C (in either order, both required for 1 mark)

8. aluminum drink can

9. telephone book

10. magazines

11. YES

12. YES

13. NO


15. vi

16. vii

17. v

18. x

19. ii

20. i

21. iii

22. final written warning

23. formal appeal hearing

24. B

25. E

26. D

27. C

28. A

29. G

30. D

31. A

32. E

33. B

34. C

35. F

36. adventure

37. missed flight

38. the pastry

39. named after

40. potato

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